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Hana Earrings Pink

Hana Earrings Pink

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Hana means Flower in Japanese and a tribute to the Lapidary Artist in Japan and also the cut design on the pearl) until next year sometime. 1

3 mm Australian waters White set in 14 k Yellow Gold with 64 1 mm VSG Diamonds and the protector lock post system. I’m saving one pair for the “Akari” Ring ( meaning bright and white jasmine in Japanese).

It features a 11.9 mm with a new double refraction cut that is very difficult to do on a round surface and causes light to bounce across the surface of the pearl sphere. Set in 18 k yellow gold, 116 VSG Diamonds and 76 gorgeous garnets. Size 7.

Custom in different pearl colors and variations available too for the Holidays.

Additional pieces are listed on Instagram and Facebook or contact Robin directly for custom orders at

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